The All-New 2024 Harley-Davidson® Softail® Standard in Lutz, FL

2024 Harley-Davidson® Softail® Standard

Harley-Davidson® of Wesley Chapel - The All-New 2024 Harley-Davidson® Softail® Standard in Lutz, FL

The 2024 Harley-Davidson® Softail® Standard epitomizes the essence of motorcycling, offering riders in Lutz, FL, a pure, stripped-down, bobber-style experience. This bike, known for its raw beauty and simplicity, is the perfect canvas for customization..

The Milwaukee-Eight® 107 Engine

The Milwaukee-Eight® 107 Engine is celebrated for its power and smooth operation, delivering crisp throttle response and the iconic Harley-Davidson® rumble that riders have come to love. Whether cruising through town or hitting the open road, the engine's performance is both exhilarating and reliable.

The Softail® Frame

The Softail® frame is an engineering masterpiece, combining classic Harley-Davidson® lines with modern technology. Its lightweight yet stiff construction results in a responsive ride that sets a new benchmark for motorcycle handling. The blend of tradition and innovation ensures that this bike looks timeless and rides with unmatched precision.

Adjustable Rear Mono-Shock Suspension

Riders will appreciate the adjustable rear mono-shock suspension, a feature that enhances the motorcycle's agility and performance in corners. This easily flexible system allows for a personalized riding experience, ensuring comfort and control while maintaining the bike's sleek, hardtail appearance.

Daymaker® Signature LED Forward Lighting

The Daymaker® Signature LED forward lighting is another standout feature, casting a brilliant beam of white light that pierces the darkness while being gentle on the eyes. This advanced lighting technology enhances visibility and safety, making night rides more enjoyable and secure.

Your Gateway to 2024 Harley-Davidson® Softail® Standard at Harley-Davidson® of Wesley Chapel

Harley-Davidson® of Wesley Chapel in Lutz, FL, presents a unique chance to own the 2024 Harley-Davidson® Softail® Standard. This dealership is well known for its customer service and expertise in the H-D® brand. Visit us today to test ride the different 2024 Harley-Davidson® models.

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