Harley-Davidson® Street® 750 vs Suzuki Boulevard S40

Harley-Davidson® Street® 750 vs Suzuki Boulevard S40

Harley-Davidson® of Wesley Chapel is the premier H-D® dealer serving the Greater Tampa area. We even have three locations and each have an immaculate showroom, a state-of-the-art service center and an amazing store that has all the parts, accessories and gear that Harley-Davidson® enthusiasts need and want. Our team includes sales professionals, finance specialists, service experts, parts experts and support staff who are all here to ensure that you have a great experience with us. Spread across our three showrooms, we also have one the most impressive selections of new Harley-Davidson® motorcycles in the region. That inventory includes the Harley-Davidson® Street® 750, which is a very popular bike because it is affordable and ideal for commuting and navigating through city traffic. It is sometimes compared to the Boulevard S40 from Suzuki, and in this article, we provide our own take on the discussion by comparing the 2020 Harley-Davidson® Street® 750 vs 2019 Suzuki Boulevard S40.

Harley-Davidson® Street® 750

The 2020 Harley-Davidson® Street® 750 is one of the more interesting motorcycles in the H-D® lineup because it is not the usual type of bike that the brand makes. It has at times been called the black sheep for that reason, but that has become a term of endearment at this point. Motorcycles like the Vulcan 900 and 2019 Suzuki Boulevard S40 were becoming increasingly popular. The Street® 750 is Harley-Davidson®’s answer to that demand, but of course, this was never going to be just another generic alternative. Harley-Davidson® did what Harley-Davidson® does. It infused this popular style of street bike with the iconic appeal and rebel spirit that has earned the brand so many loyal fans. Harley-Davidson® markets the bike to urban riders seeking to express their independence. The Street® 750 delivers exciting performance, puts you in an upright riding position and has a low profile and mid-mount foot controls.

Suzuki Boulevard S40

The 2019 Suzuki Boulevard S40 is a popular street bike because it is very affordable and also rather simple and straightforward. Many new riders are drawn to that uncomplicated nature. Suzuki markets the design as timeless but has opted for a blacked-out aesthetic, which is by far the preferred choice in this segment right now. The marketing emphasizes exciting performance, agile handling, lightweight responsiveness and a rigid chassis that make it perfect for cruising around the city. Suzuki also promotes it as a great bike beyond city limits, and it is a good bike for meandering rides and the like. One potential issue is that the custom parts and accessories available for the S40 are rather limited.

Harley-Davidson® Street® 750 vs Suzuki Boulevard S40

The first notable difference when comparing the 2020 Harley-Davidson® Street® 750 vs 2019 Suzuki Boulevard S40 is character or a lack of it. No motorcycle brand delivers the kind of iconic appeal that Harley-Davidson® does, and even though the Street® 750 is not your typical Harley-Davidson®, the brand has managed to infuse it with the same kind of character. That really makes it stand out because bikes in this segment do not generally have charm like that. This is particularly notable with the 2019 Suzuki Boulevard S40. Suzuki excels at simple motorcycles, and the design here is indeed simple.

The 2020 Harley-Davidson® Street® 750 also has a higher displacement than the S40, and while top-end performance is not really a focal point in this segment, it is nice to have that extra performance when you want it. Be mindful that you also have the option of the Street 500. The Street® 750 is widely regarded by professional motorcycle reviewers to have the best handling in the class, and this is another great reason to choose it particularly if you will be navigating tight urban environments. The Street® 750 may also be more appealing in that there are many more customization options available.

Test-Ride the Street® 750

If you would like to test-ride the 2020 Harley-Davidson® Street® 750, you can schedule an appointment with Harley-Davidson® of Wesley Chapel. You can do that by calling us or online through our website. You can also call or contact us via email or text for additional details about the Street® 750 or any of the other motorcycles in the H-D® lineup. Visit our showroom at your convenience, or shop with us online. You can peruse our entire inventory via our site and even get preapproved for financing.

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