Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy near Clearwater FL

Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy near Clearwater FL

Our team at Harley-Davidson® of Wesley Chapel is committed to helping each rider enjoy great riding experiences, and this includes remaining safe and confident on the road. At our dealership’s Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy near Clearwater, we offer a variety of courses that are led by our experienced, certified coaches. Regardless of your skill level and licensing status, we have courses to suit you.

Beginner Motorcycle Course

If you have recently purchased your first motorcycle from our Harley-Davidson® dealership serving Clearwater, you can conveniently learn the ropes through our Beginner course. Once you sign up for the course at our Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy, you will have access to an online course to get started. After completing the e-course at home, you can then head to the classroom for additional education on riding laws, motorcycle safety and more. This course also includes time on our private range learning the essentials of riding.

Intermediate Motorcycle Course

The Intermediate course at our Riding Academy near Clearwater allows you to earn a waiver for the DMV’s on-the-road test for a motorcycle license endorsement. This is a two-day class that is suitable for new riders who have completed the Beginner course as well as more experienced motorcyclists who need to obtain a license endorsement. This is a comprehensive course with both classroom and on-the-road lessons that enhance your skills and knowledge.

Practice Course

If you have been away from riding for a while or you are a new rider who wants to gain more confidence on the road, the Practice course will take your riding skills to the next level. This is a one-day course offered at our Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy near Clearwater. Your dedicated coach will assist with a pre-ride motorcycle inspection and give you valuable tips. Then, you will put those tips into action on our private riding range. Topics covered include swerving, limited-space maneuvers, low-speed control, quick stops, cornering and multiple curve maneuvers. Upon completing this course, you will receive an MSF Basic Rider Course 2 certificate, which may result in savings on your insurance premium.

3-Wheeled Course

Riding a trike requires a different set of skills, and the 3-Wheeled course at our Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy serving Clearwater will teach you everything you need to know. As a beginner course taught by our well-qualified coaches, it is ideal for those who are buying their first trike. The course includes a review of essential skills in the classroom as well as time on the range practicing new skills. A special endorsement for your driver’s license is available after completing the class.

Adventure Touring Motorcycle Course

Harley-Davidson® Adventure Touring models are designed for both on-road travel and off-road adventuring. Because of their dual functionality, a unique combination of riding skills is required. The Adventure Touring course at our Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy near Clearwater will get you ready for riding across a range of surfaces.

Book a Course at the Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy Today

At Harley-Davidson® of Wesley Chapel, our team serving Clearwater wants you to have wonderful rides on your motorcycle or trike. Each of the courses available at our Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy is designed to advance your riding knowledge and skills. To learn about our course schedules and availability, contact Harley-Davidson® of Wesley Chapel today.

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