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The H-D1™ Marketplace

Explore the H-D1™ Marketplace near Clearwater. When you use our services, we can help you explore your options for getting a better drive. Our dealership can help you get financing, and you can understand your purchasing power without any impact to your credit score. Visit our website to learn about the process and secure your options today.

The H-D1™ Marketplace Experience

Getting your bike and parts from the Marketplace is a great way to save some money and get some customizations at a reduced cost. If you find the bike you want, you can request a test ride to ensure it's the one for you. Our dealership can help you get no-fuss financing, and you'll also have the option to sell a bike quickly and easily. Talk with us today about your needs, and find out more about the H-D1™ Marketplace near Clearwater.

Pre-Owned Inventory

Explore our pre-owned inventory at our dealership near Clearwater. Getting a pre-owned bike is a smart move for a first-time rider. You're likely to get your bike into some trouble, and a pre-owned bike can take the impact off those first scratches as you're learning to ride. If you're a seasoned veteran, a pre-owned bike makes it possible for you to search inventory locally or nationwide.

Certified Pre-Owned

For those who want a better warranty and more protections, the certified pre-owned option is the route to go. You'll get a motorcycle that passed an extension 110-point inspection. These bikes need no repairs, and they are ready to take an epic journey from the moment you take one off the lot. You'll get a vast network of bikes to choose from. Find out more at our Harley-Davidson® of Wesley Chapel dealership.

Selling a Bike

If you're looking to trade up, slim down, or get more power, you can sell your current bike for some extra cash. You'll feel good knowing that your bike is going to live on with another ride, and it will continue to see new adventures and enjoy the excitement of the road. We make it simple, and you only need to answer a few questions to get the process started. Once you provide your input, we can give you a real quote. Sell your bike at our dealership near Clearwater.

Popular Services

Enjoy our H-D1™ Marketplace near Clearwater services and options. Our Marketplace offers a one-stop shop for many services. You'll be able to get cycle insurance, financing, and you can take a rider course as well. Learn more about our most popular services, and we can help you get a great bike. Our Harley-Davidson® of Wesley Chapel dealership is here to help.

Motorcycle Insurance

Getting motorcycle insurance doesn't need to pose problems. Use our trusted Harley-Davidson® insurance options to get you on the road with a policy that works for you. We can help you sort through the paperwork quickly and easily.

Motorcycle Financing

If you're looking to finance your motorcycle, you can trust our motorcycle financing services. We can help you explore your financing options, and we can also get you an estimated monthly payment. In many cases, you can also make the initial application without harming your credit. Talk with us about your needs, and we can provide you with the options that make sense for your situation.

Riding Training School

Get to know your options with our rider training school. Learn how to ride and get familiar with the rules of the road as the pertain to riding a bike. You'll learn everything you need to know, and we have courses for a range of experience levels.

Parts and Accessories

Our Marketplace stocks a wide variety of parts and accessories. Find windshields, seats, lighting, and much more. We even have a full line of Screaming' Eagle Performance options to ensure you get the customizations that you value most. Talk with us today about your options.

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