Compare Harley-Davidson® Ultra Limited vs Indian Roadmaster

2021 Harley-Davidson® Ultra Limited VS 2022 Indian Roadmaster

Have you been looking for a premium touring experience and can’t decide between an Indian and a Harley? If you like top-of-the-line touring motorcycles and also want something with zero compromises, the 2021 Ultra Limited from Harley-Davidson® is a great bike to consider. Simultaneously, one of the top competitors of the Harley-Davidson® Ultra Limited is the 2022 Indian Roadmaster. So which bike is better? In this in-depth review of the Ultra Limited versus the Indian Roadmaster, we will explore both touring motorcycles in-depth. Then, you can decide for yourself which country-crossing American touring bike is best for you.

Why We Believe the 2021 Harley-Davidson® Ultra Limited is Better than the Roadmaster

When it comes down to it, Harley-Davidson® is a master of long-haul touring motorcycles. Not only are Harley-Davidson® touring motorcycles easier to care for and maintain, but they can be serviced effortlessly. After all, Harley-Davidson® has service locations just about everywhere in the United States. Also, the Ultra Limited comes in a range of gorgeous paint colors. So, customizing this bike is easy. You can also choose from various accessories and performance upgrade options. All in all, the Ultra Limited is more versatile than the Roadmaster. It provides dependable high-end performance and luxury in a way that competitors simply can not duplicate.

Exploring the 2022 Indian Roadmaster

Indian makes only one long-haul touring category model, the Roadmaster. Roadmaster models were designed to compete directly with Harley-Davidson® touring bikes. There are three different Indian Roadmaster models. The first is the standard Roadmaster. The second is the Roadmaster Dark Horse. The third is the Indian Roadmaster Limited. Standard Indian roadmasters come in two main colors. The first main paint option is called Black Metallic. The second is a dual-toned package consisting of Maroon Metallic and Crimson Metallic colors. The Indian Roadmaster has been designed to provide riders with comfort and style for the long haul. This motorcycle is compatible with various Indian accessories. It has a 6-speed Thunderstroke air-cooled 116 cubic inch V-twin engine. Its touchscreen and infotainment systems are powered by Ride Command. It is also compatible with most smart devices.

Advantages of the 2021 Harley-Davidson® Ultra Limited

The 2021 Ultra Limited is a premium Grand American Touring motorcycle made by Harley-Davidson®. This stunning motorcycle offers unparalleled touring performance. It comes with an onslaught of premium amenities. As such, riders will not have to compromise anywhere. This motorcycle offers top-of-the-line performance and superior power delivery. This motorcycle is moved by a twin-cooled Milwaukee-Eight® 114 engine. This top-tier engine is reliable, powerful, and easy to service. The Ultra Limited motorcycle also has an upright riding position, saddlebags, floorboards, and a passenger seat. The passenger seat comes with a backrest included. You will also enjoy fork-mounted fairing, modern infotainment features, and Reflex Defensive Rider Systems. These RDRS technologies give you added confidence and control as you tour the country.

The Milwaukee-Eight® 114 engine offers the most displacement from a standard Harley-Davidson® touring powertrain. Chase down the horizon with ease and haul all of your gear and a passenger without breaking a sweat! Reflex Linked Brembo brakes are also included. These brakes have been designed to prevent the wheels from locking by implementing standard ABS. Heated hand grips are also included. These grips have been equipped with six easy-access settings. As such, you can adjust these grips on the fly for the exact amount of heat you need to combat adverse weather. Electronic cruise control allows you to set your own speed on the six-speed Cruise Drive Transmission. You will also enjoy plush and responsive high-performance front and rear suspension benefits.

Additionally, this bike has various attractive aesthetic design elements. Choose from plenty of options in ubiquitous color schemes. Stunning paint colors for 2021 models include Concord Purple, Midnight Crimson, Gauntlet Gray Metallic, Vivid Black, River Rock Grey Denim, Fire-Fighter Black, and an Arctic White Shriner Special Edition package. All in all, this is the perfect motorcycle for those looking to effortlessly uncover unforgettable thrills. Enjoy riding on the interstate in total comfort and style with a passenger and lots of gear at a moment's notice! This versatile bike is flawless.

2021 Harley-Davidson® Ultra Limited VS 2022 Indian Roadmaster Conclusion

So there you have it! The 2021 Ultra Limited is a stunning touring motorcycle that offers luxury amenities and premium Harley-Davidson® performance for miles. You simply can't top Harley-Davidson® touring superiority. Want to test ride one for yourself? Just call our Tampa Harley-Davidson® dealership!

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