2022 Harley-Davidson® Road Glide® vs 2023 Indian Challenger

Harley-Davidson® of Tampa Reviews the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Road Glide® vs 2023 Indian Challenger

The freedom of a touring motorcycle can open up new avenues of adventure and exploration. Two popular modern touring motorcycles are the 2023 Indian Challenger and the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Road Glide®. Both models have many upsides. However, they have a few distinct differences that can make them hard to choose between. In this helpful review, we will discuss each touring model to help you make an informed purchasing decision. If you want to learn more about your touring options, we encourage you to reach out to our team of skilled Harley-Davidson® experts!

Overview of the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Road Glide®

For 2022, the Road Glide® is a powerful and alluring touring motorcycle with numerous features that make it comfortable, fun to control, and easy to love. It has a potent engine and sophisticated performance elements to help it smoothly glide across the pavement with power and magnificence. Here are some of its most notable attributes.

Deep-Rumbling 107 Milwaukee-Eight® V-Twin

Few models can compete with the low-end power of a Harley-Davidson® Grand American Touring motorcycle. These bikes are built to endure and take you anywhere with a passenger, all your travel gear, and any riding essentials you need to bring. The standard Road Glide® is equipped with a 107 V-Twin engine which offers potent acceleration and torque. However, if you move up a tier to the Road Glide® Special or consider the CVO or Limited models, you can unlock even more power with 114 Milwaukee-Eight® Big Twin powertrains. Regardless of the model you choose, you will get efficient, dependable, and assertive power that can move you toward adventure.

Convenient Amenities for Comfort, Confidence, and Entertainment

For over a century, Harley-Davidson® has been refining and fine-tuning touring bikes. For this reason, distance-riding enthusiasts often swear by Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. The 2022 lineup of premium Grand American H-D® touring bikes comes fully loaded with helpful features, convenient amenities, and comfortable design elements. Not only does the Road Glide® have an alert riding position, but it also includes floorboards, saddlebags, frame-mounted-fairing, and an advanced infotainment setup. Even in its standard model, you will get high-quality infotainment amenities with Boom!™ Box GTS sound and a premium suspension system

Overview of the 2023 Indian Challenger

The 2023 Challenger is designed to optimize your performance on the road. It has impressive acceleration and a modern aesthetic. For 2023, this Indian motorcycle comes available in two color options. The 2023 Challenger also has a frame-mounted fairing and distinctive styling that is bold and modern. This is a great bike for fans of Indian designs and performance-based touring.

Challenger Features and Tiers

The features available for 2023 Challenger models will depend on which tier you choose. There are standard Challenger, Dark Horse, Elite, and Limited options. The higher up you go, the more available features and amenities you will be able to access. If you want lots of amenities, you will have to level up.

Conclusion: 2022 Harley-Davidson® Road Glide® vs 2023 Indian Challenger - Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the 2022 Road Glide® is the best bike for riders who want tons of features, powerful performance, and signature H-D® style. It’s a classy and sleek distance-dominating motorcycle with spacious saddlebags and a dependable powertrain. Although the modern 2023 Indian Challenger is fun and has lots of torque, it doesn’t have quite as many convenient and ergonomic touring design features. Harley-Davidson® has been tweaking its touring design for decades, so it makes sense that their Grand American Touring models would have precision details that can make your journey easier. To see for yourself, we want to invite you to visit our dealership serving Tampa! Here, you can look at all of the cool features available in the 2022 Road Glide® lineup and take a test ride of your own. Just call our team to find out more!

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